Saturday, November 1, 2008


Halloween and trick or treating has never been a big deal here...I am the mom who digs through the dress up box at 4pm on Oct. 31 looking for the 'perfect' costume. Yes, I go all out. It was really nice when we lived in GA b/c my wonderful neighbor made costumes for her daughter from age 2 until about 10, so my girls always got the reward of her creativity...I miss her! Anyway, last night my youngest-Anna Grace- wanted to be a lion(which came right out of her trusty dress up box). Hailey and I had her face all painted and her costume on-She looked adorable!!!! We were about to walk out the door and the tears started pouring. "Mom! I just want to be a REAL GIRL..I don't want to be a lion!" All that work---what did I do? Well, I've learned to choose my battles and this was not one of them. I sent her to her room to change into 'real girl' clothes-t-shirt and jeans-took off her sweet lion make-up and presto-there's my sweet real girl! Happy as ever, as were we all!


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Susana M Kepner said...

The Lion custome was so adorable, but I'm sure the "regular girl" custome was too ;-)